The Osteopaths at the Huntingdon Clinic are registered with the General Osteopathic Council.  The Clinic was set up by musculoskeletal physician Dr Tim Beazleigh MBChB, BMSc MLCOM and his sister, Sally Beazleigh DO, Osteopath. The clinic has been serving Huntingdon, Godmanchester and the surrounding areas since 2001.

At the Clinic there are both male and female experienced practitioners.  


All Osteopaths are:

  • Covered by public liability and indemnity insurance

  • Registered with some private medical insurance companies

We can provide onsite corticosteroid injections and have access to affordable MRI scans and x-ray images.

Other treatments available at the Huntingdon clinic include:

  • Chiropody/podiatry

  • Acupuncture

  • Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Massage

At the Melior Clinic:

  • Treatment for acne scars

  • Treatment for over active sympathetic drive – hyperhydrosis

  • Blood screenings


Many people mistakenly believe that Osteopathy is just for backs but this is not true. So, what can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathic treatment may benefit:

  • Spinal pain – neck & back problems

  • Shoulder and arm problems

  • Pelvis, hip and leg problems

  • Sports & other injuries


  • Sciatic pain

  • Arthritic joint stiffness and pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Headaches

And benefits:

  • The whole family

It’s not just for backs!

Osteopathy Treatments


Employee Health Screening

Full medical health screening is available to assess a prospective, or current, employee’s fitness for the stresses and strains of their employment.

We offer HGV driver assessment for example.

Being under the umbrella of the Melior Clinics at their Huntingdon headquarters, we are able to offer full, affordable medical health screening, which includes a spinal and musculoskeletal assessment, as well as ECG tests and blood screenings.

All health checks are supported by comprehensive personalised medical reports and results analysis, together with appropriate medical and/or lifestyle recommendations.
Follow this link to the Melior website for more information.


Many people who have had an ergonomic assessment still suffer from pain and a lack of productivity at work.  This is because we are all creatures of habit and we quickly slip back into bad former habits as any changes to our posture usually feel awkward at the beginning.

By providing an understanding of what can go wrong and why things go wrong, we will show your work force how they can help themselves initiate and maintain good habits.

The talk explains the mechanisms of action of injuries – the cumulative effect, posture, static muscle loading and Repetitive Strain Injury – and describing the workstation elements that effect and cause these issues.

We will also give simple lifestyle advice that will help maintain good posture and reduce strains and the general stresses caused by pressures at work.