Sports Injuries

“Taking away the pain will improve your game”

You don’t have to be an injured top athlete to benefit from osteopathic treatment.

If you have an injury that causes you pain when you play sports to maintain fitness levels or even one that just affects your performance, you probably won’t get full enjoyment from your chosen sport. Muscle strains, joint pain and increased fatigue may all be all signs of imbalances or excess during sporting activity. We will address not only the symptoms but any underlying structural imbalances to return you to pre-injury performance and advise you how to avoid problems in the future.

Football, rugby, rowing, weight lifting, bowls, or golf, all sports at all levels can be affected.

From muscle strain to damaged ligaments, osteopathy can ease the pain and increase satisfaction from your chosen sport.

Comments on sports injuries from patients:

I recently attended Richard Harvey’s clinic following a very painful shoulder brought on playing excessive golf. I had great difficulty in lifting my club in the backswing, but, after a few sessions, I won a “longest drive” prize in a society golf day.

A treatment with Richard is worth 2, 3 or even 4 strokes per round on my long game.
Mr JH, golfer