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For over 6 months I was unable to lift my left arm above shoulder height. This made simple things like getting dressed in the morning a very painful chore. Following several visits to my local GP, where the diagnosis changed each time depending on which doctor I saw and then being given a 3 month wait for a hospital scan, a friend recommended me to Richard Harvey.
After my first visit to Richard, I returned home virtually pain free. Following an initial examination I was given an explanation of the diagnosis, which was frozen shoulder, and then given treatment to relieve the pain and start the healing process.

After 3 more sessions I have now got the full movement back in my arm and no longer any pain. The professional and reassuring manner of Richard during my initial diagnosis and subsequent treatment not only cured my shoulder pain, but also reduced the stress and worry about the cause.
Mrs GJ

I recently attended Richard Harvey’s clinic following a very painful shoulder brought on playing excessive golf. I had great difficulty in lifting my club in the backswing, but, after a few sessions, I won a “longest drive” prize in a society golf day.

Can’t tell you what a help you were when I came to see you.

A treatment with Richard is worth 2, 3 or even 4 strokes per round on my long game.
Mr JH, golfer

Jenna’s skills in her discipline as an Osteopath are first class. I initially visited Jenna as I felt my spine needed loosening up; I tend to hold tension in my back and shoulders and have participated in sport and exercise for as long as I can remember, and still do. Whilst a sports massage can help, the tension was recurring frequently. On finding Jenna, however, she got to the core of the problem immediately and I now visit her routinely, as I am so impressed with how I feel afterwards, plus this feeling lasts!
It is rare to find someone who understands a nagging pain or irritable muscle as quickly as Jenna does. She instinctively knows where the pain is, often before you do so yourself!
Jenna is calm, understanding and professional at all times – I couldn’t recommend her more highly and she is a huge asset to the Melior Clinic.