Case Studies

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Case Study 1

Mrs A came to the Huntingdon Clinic with shoulder pain which she had been suffering with for over three months.

The pain in her shoulder was making it difficult to lift her arm properly, so she was finding it hard to dress and even do basic household chores such as hanging out laundry, or reaching into kitchen cupboards. Every time she turned over onto her shoulder in bed the pain would wake her up, so she was feeling tired and stressed.

After a detailed examination, Mrs A was diagnosed with inflammation in the shoulder joint.

At the Huntingdon Clinic, our qualified medical staff are able to offer corticosteroid injections as well as osteopathy, which can often be very helpful in situations like this.

We gave Mrs A had an injection into her shoulder to help calm down the inflammation, and then used deep soft tissue massage and gentle mobilisations to the shoulder, upper back and neck to help reduce the pain and improve the movement.

Mrs A also benefited from a tailored home exercise programme to help strengthen the shoulder muscles and prevent the problem happening again.
After four treatments Mrs A had regained full and pain free movement in her shoulder.