Your First Appointment

What happens at your first appointment?

Case History

When you first see the osteopath you will be asked questions about your current compliant – site of pain, type of pain, when it first started, things that relieves the symptoms or makes them worse, whether the pain moves to other parts of the body

If the osteopath thinks it necessary, you may be asked questions on your past medical history and whether there is any relevant family history.


The osteopath will carry out a physical examination where you may be asked to undress down to your underwear. This enables to osteopath to look at and observe the affected and any related areas.

The osteopath feels for any tightness in the muscles and tissues, any areas that may cause tenderness on palpation.

You will then be asked to perform some simple movements so that the osteopath can see how you are moving – usually the spine and other affected areas – and which movements cause discomfort.

Any relevant orthopaedic tests will be carried out to aid the osteopath to a diagnosis.


Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce pain, alleviate muscle tension, and increase mobility enabling the patient to return to their normal activity levels as soon as possible.

Treatment involves soft tissue massage, rhythmic joint mobilisation, muscle release techniques and joint manipulation using short, quick movements.

In addition to hands on treatment in the clinic, your treatment may include a prescription of exercise activity to do at home to speed up your rehabilitation.